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Ex-Birmingham City Youth Goalkeeper finds success by showcasing his talents on YouTube

Abidan Edwards, a goalkeeping product of the Birmingham City and West Bromwich Albion academies, has recently found success in his long hunt for first team football, having signed for the recently reformed Bury AFC in the 10th tier of English football.

However, this opportunity didn’t come knocking around easily!

Edwards invested hard work and dedication into his very own YouTube channel, ‘Abs In Goal’, in order to showcase his abilities to coaches and scouts up and down the country, eventually signing the contract he had been longing for.

The channel, which holds 173 subscribers to date, features videos of the 22-year-old holding his own unique training sessions throughout lockdown, as well as documenting his journey as he searches for a club to take him on. Some videos also feature appearances from current professionals, such as the first team goalkeeping coach for League One side, Wigan Athletic.

“I’ve seen it (YouTube) work for other players, the likes of Brandao, Connor O’Keefe and more recently Ben Foster, who had had huge success on the platform, so why couldn’t I?”

“By me vlogging my journey, I want to show people that it’s never too late to achieve your dreams, I can show first hand that anything’s possible.”

Edwards had spent the majority of the previous summer searching for a club to bring him on board, after his trial at Stockport County had come to an end. He was able to secure promotional pieces in the Birmingham Mail in June, as well as in other local newspapers, in order to boost his prospects.

Luckily, in December, the phone rang, and Bury AFC were waiting for him.

“Since I signed at Bury, it’s been great! The club, the players, the fans have been very welcoming.”

Sadly, new lockdown restrictions that were placed into effect at the beginning of January led to the termination of lower league football for the 20/21 season, limiting the playing and training opportunities for the young goalkeeper at his new club.

“Our season got stopped two weeks after I signed, so I haven’t had the chance to play yet which I’m disappointed about.”

Edwards will continue to document his journey to the top through the use of his YouTube channel, ‘Abs In Goal’.

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