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How to Improve your Marketing Strategy

As technology continues to evolve, some companies are finding it extremely difficult to play chase with the big boys. You know the ones? For big tech companies like Amazon, marketing will always be an easy sector to dominate and thrive in, whereas if your company is a small, localised fitness group, then you may struggle to spread the word and gain traffic towards your business. This where Omnichannel customer service comes to the fold.

First things first, what is Omnichannel customer service?

Omnichannel customer service, or Omnichannel marketing, is a new form of brand exposure which involves your company being active on multiple online and offline channels, whilst at the same time, maintaining a high and agreeable level of customer service on these separate platforms.

Why are so many companies embracing Omnichannel marketing?

Omnichannel marketing is the latest strategy of marketing in an ever-developing market which includes the Traditional customer experience of visiting a single store, the E-Commerce experience of shopping solely online, and the Multichannel experience that allows for both and more but are completely disconnected for one another. Omnichannel marketing utilises these other strategies to create quality customer service across all available platforms, ranging from Twitter and Facebook to a live chat feature on your website and a poster in your shop window.

Maintaining a high standard of customer support across multiple, interlinked channels will boost your brands exposure and creditability, provided that your channels are easily accessible, manageable and can tend to your customer’s needs.

Multichannel vs. Omnichannel.

It’s very easy to conflate these two styles of marketing when you access them side by side, however, there is one key difference that makes Omnichannel stand out; communication. Multichannel sees its communication channels work separately, which results in an inconsistent customer experience across the board. Omnichannel is different; its communication channels work together to provide a consistent, high quality experience for customers that have access to all of its channels.

So, how can you improve your Omnichannel marketing strategy?

It’s simple, fully embrace the concept!

An obvious point, but a point nonetheless. If you’re not prepared to go all in with providing the perfect Omnichannel customer experience, then adopting this strategy will be a mistake. You need to make sure that your company goes all in!

So, how do you do this?

- Social Media: Does your company have a social media presence? Twitter, Facebook, Instagram…three platforms that your company should be on. Not only will being active on these platforms increase brand exposure, it will also allow potential customers to access another route of contacting your business with inquires; whether that’s through private messages or a comments section. Be active on social media.

- Web Design: Does your company have a functional, accessible website? Does your website provide details of the services you provide, both in store and online? These are two key questions to consider when designing your company’s website. Make sure your site stands out from the crowd. Customers visit a plethora of websites when searching or shopping online, many of which look the same. Have a unique website to boost your online presence.

- Live Chat: Does your company’s website include a live chat? Diane Clarkson found in her 2010 paper ‘Making Proactive Chat Work’ that 63% of customers will revisit a website if they offer a live chat feature. So, not only will a live chat feature help your customers receive fast responses to any questions they have in the moment, thus improving the Omnichannel customer experience, it will also help retain traffic to your company’s website. Include a live chat.

If you fully embrace the Omnichannel marketing strategy, including these three crucial points, your business will start to move forward and become successful in such a competitive market.

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