• Jordan Page


We all have a dream job, and once we see the opening to grab it by the hilt, we do, and we wield the opportunity so bravely before we can be striked down in our place. However, public opinion is a funny thing, our lives are governed by online influences outside of our control, making these opportunities seem incredibly surreal and finally, once you get the opportunity to venture into your idealistic reality, it falls short from your fantasy.

A dream job…mine came knocking not so long ago, media influencers giving me the chance to the same. These people were not as I had envisioned, big cooperate types, men and women, black and white, just like their cooperate logo; all infected with the very same disease that infects the rest. I’m told there is no cure, that everyone who works here is infected, that I will be infected, no matter how pure my intentions are nor how simple my agenda is, the three letters will rule over us all.

Pretty daunting huh? It was not at all as I dreamt it would be, and it was not as pure as you know it to be, and once I stepped into that interview room, one thing became very clear; the age of truth had passed, the age of manipulation had just begun.

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